Thin crust or pan crust available
Multi-Grain crust add $2.00 (LG), $1.00 (SM)
Large / Small
14 10
Cheese    $12.75 / $7.50
  pepperoni   green peppers   broccoli
  hot sausage   roast red peppers   black olives
  sweet sausage   hot banana peppers   spinach
  ham   fresh tomatoes   onions
  meatballs   fresh basil   mushrooms
  bacon   sun-dried tomatoes   extra cheese
  anchovies   artichoke hearts   blue cheese
  pineapple   minched garlic   feta cheese
  salsa   eggplant   ricotta
  basil pesto     roasted garlic
  barbecue sauce     sun-dried tomato tapenade
  indonesian peanut sauce     goat cheese-artichoke
  grilled chicken     breaded chicken tenders
  thin-sliced steak     andouille sausage
Prices exclude a 9% Vermont tax and a 1% local tax.
Prices subject to change.
Traditional Pizza
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